We’d love some help, so please volunteer.

We are looking for:

  • Riding Team: 12 cyclists, 14 is even better in case of sickness or injury – and you don’t have to be an Olympic cyclist, although that would be great!
  • Ride Support Team: 5 support members who have a valid Western Australian drivers license to help drive our support bus as well as prepare meals and help make this event a safe, fun ride. ┬áIf you have skills in first aid, it will be a great help.
  • Home Team: help with the send-off at Forrest Place, as well as spreading the message and being the voices of the voice-less sea creatures via email and social media.
  • Broome Team: help with the arrival at Broome, get all your family and friends out on their bikes to meet us as we approach town, as well as spreading the message.

Get in touch with us via our Contact page.

13 responses

2 06 2011
Dane Griffen

Hi Paul
I am a fulltime volunteer at The Wilderness Society and would love to help out in some capacity with your event!
I may be able to help out with driving the escort vehicle. My car could possibly even be used as the escort.
I am also a great camp host and would be able to prepare meals aboard the bus etc. I would also like to be a “relief rider” If someone is a bit buggered a few days in, i would love to jump on for a couple of hours!
How are you going with preparations?
I hope there are a few people throwing support behind this!

2 06 2011

Awesome, thank you, Dane! I’ll be in touch.

14 06 2011
Guy Eddison Sullivan

hi Paul
ive done a little activism over the past few years and I’m dead keen to go join in the fun up north of Broome
I actually headded off this morning hitch hiking but have turned back due to the rain and the lack of sympathetic drivers
I’d love to be part of the ride….I have ridden many places recently and would love to ride to Broome…may I get some more feedback on this so that I can know where to meet y’all and to join in??

14 06 2011

Thanks for getting in touch, Guy. I’ll be in touch.

20 06 2011

Hey Paul,
I have been involved in the Fight for James Price Point in Melbourne and have moved to Perth at the beginning of the year. I would love to get in contact and involved with Perth based activism for Joe and his crew. Let me know how I can get involved.

20 06 2011

Hiya Amy! Thanks for getting in touch and volunteering. I’ll be in touch via email.

20 06 2011


Joanne here, Im happy to be part of the driver support team. My drivers license is
Victorian, yet I can get it swapped quickly and I am entitled to drive in WA for 90 days.

20 06 2011

Hi Joanne. Thank you. That is tremendous. I’ll be in touch via email.

21 06 2011
Marlene Lootz

Hey Paul,
it is an amazing idea you have and i am very keen to help and ride the bike. last year i actually planned to go on a bike trip from perth to broome but underestimated the heat a little bit and therefore cancelled it..but i ve done a few bike trips and have a proper bike with suitable gear.
i also wrote my last assignment at uni about the gas hub proposal and the more you inform yourself about it the more shocked you get, it is incredible and should be stopped and i am happy to give my support to it.
looking forward to hearing from you

21 06 2011

Hi there Marlene. Thanks for volunteering. We’re very grateful. I’ll be in touch via email. Cheers…Paul

16 07 2011

Hi Paul,
I’m in Perth, recently former public servant, studied env mangement, and I have family in Broome, and love the Kimberley, and am horrified at this so called development. I would be happy to volunteer for Perth based events, anything except riding a bike; happy to leave that to you guys ;)
Let me know how I can help via email.

6 08 2011
Miranda Curran

Hi Paul,
I am a university student in Perth and was born and educated in Broome. I have been involved in the fight and I would love to join the bike riders team for the trip! I still have to get approval from my university If I can come & I don’t think my bike would be very suitable for the trip but I would love to hear more details on it so I can finalise my decision. P.s this morning my family were on the front cover of the Weekend Australian about the gas precinct so have a read http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/broome-fears-future-as-the-next-dubai/story-fn59niix-1226109404590 Thanks! Miranda :) mirandacurran@hotmail.com

7 08 2011
Sue Hardy

Hi Paul,

I am a West Australian and passionate about saving the Kimberleys.
What do you still need for this event?

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