Day 5: Sandfire to Broome

27 08 2011

Team 1 takes over the riding at Sandfire.  Yet again, we have a headwind.  We have got used to this wind, but riding into is tough.
As we ride towards Port Smith between Sandfire and Broome, a truck driver calls out on the radio, “Love what you guys are doing.  You guys are great.  I heard it on the news this morning.”. We all cheer!
The afternoon fades into evening.  The wind has eased, and as the sun goes down, it becomes nearly completely still.  What a beautiful evening.  We pick up speed.  We are all tired, but are going strong.  What amazing spirit everyone has shown.
We are back in the mobile network.  I receive a message from Peter Robertson (The Wilderness Society). He has organized some media for our arrival.  We need to get to Broome by 2pm.  Another change, but no worries.
In what seems like no time at all, we find ourselves at the Port Smith turn off.
The Port Smith road is a soft sand one, so we put the bikes on the bike rack for the drive in.  Team 2 will continue the ride from the turn off.
As we pull up At the caravan park, there is live music.  Peter greets us.  He proudly tells us how he had just won the sand dancing competition earlier this evening. So he should be.  This man is a trooper and a champion.
In the early hours of the morning, Team 2 takes off on their ride to the Roebuck Roadhouse.  Many of us are starting to feel a little sad that we are nearly at the end of our magnificent journey.
As Team 2 rides out the the Roebuck Roadhouse, some of Team 1 go out to the beach for a swim.
Last night I met this big fella called Guy who is from down south. This morning I have the pleasure of a nice chat with him and his lovely wife.  They will today drive out to Broome for our arrival.
I must mention Neil who gave us some lovely damper this morning.  As we are about to leave the caravan park, his parting comment to us, “whatever you do, have fun.”.  Thanks Neil!
Arrived at the Roebuck Roadhouse to marry up with Team 2 for the final 33km to Broome.  A spoke on the back wheel of one of the tandems broke and had to be replaced.
Accompanying the two tandems are Christian on his road bike, I on mine, and Jude on Peter’s road bike.  It is an easy 33km ride and in hardly any time at all, we are approaching the roundabout on Broome Road.  There are banners, lots of people, cameras and video cameras.  I can’t believe it.  
We made it!  We have completed the 2,400km ride from Perth to Broome in 5 days, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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2 responses

28 08 2011

Welld one congratulatiosn, and thank gooness your doctor and nurse were on country and able to offer assistance to Marian , you are all heroes.

28 08 2011
Jody Kimber

Congratulations and well done. I have been thinking of and reading all your blog posts. Well done.

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