Day 3: Carnarvon to Karratha

24 08 2011

At about 1:30pm, after a quick exchange of news and good wishes, Team 1 got on the road.  It was very warm and fairly still.
After riding over 100km, we reached a road sign that read 233km to Nanutarra, our next meet up point.  This was 100km more than the 258 we had planned for this leg of the ride.  At the current average speed of 35km/h we would reach Nanutarra around midnight.  A long day’s riding this was going to be.
We managed to stop at a nice long flat stretch of road at about 9pm to do some star gazing.  We turned off all the vehicle lights.  Joel got his didgeridoo out and played it as we gazed at the constellations above. This was quite a spiritual experience.
The next three pairs of riders then pumped out the last 100km to our destination.  We reached Nanutarra at 12:45am to find Team 2 still sleeping.
Team 2, the sunrise team, set off at 1:30am on their shift to Karratha.
There is no mobile reception at Nanutarra so except for the expensive satellite phone, we have no contact between the teams.
But we managed to pass Team 2 on the way in to Karratha. Stopped to cheer them. Great reception at Karratha for Team 2.
GWN was at Karratha to do an interview and to film Team 2 pull into town.
Everyone is in great spirits!

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One response

24 08 2011
Christian, Heimisbach

Mit Interesse und und viel Emotionen verfolge ich eure Tour. Eine gute Sache.

Christian, Switzerland

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