Day 2: Northampton to Carnarvon

24 08 2011

Perfect day for riding. Cloud cover, still conditions. Once out of the hills of Northampton, it was very good. James and Paul set a new speed record of 66km/h. Beautiful wildflowers about. Nice scenery. Perfect. We were now averaging well over 35km/h.
No mobile reception, until 30km out of Overlander. It’s just after 8pm, texted Christian, who was very surprised at our progress.
Got into Overlander at 8:45pm.
Reheated our dinner that Dora cooked for us. We were very quiet because we didn’t want to wake Team 2, who were not to start their shift till midnight.
At about 11pm Team 2 were nearly ready to ride off from Overlander. 
After exchanging stories, Team 2 were on the road at 11:45pm.
Quite chilly at Overlander.
Good to have a hot shower. 
6 hours sleep in a tent.
Everyone woke up around 6:30am to some great breakfast of cereal and some hot zucchini fritatas that Dora cooked. So good to have Dora de Luca and Sue Hardy on the team.
My phone buzzed. A text message from Christian – they had reached Carnarvon!  At 6:30am!  What a team of champions!  They have some repairs that must be done then ride to Mardathuna Road for the shift change.
Pulled into Carnarvon at 11:15am, replenished supplies, fueled up, then off to Mardathuna Road to meet up with Team 2.  There was a beautiful sea breeze blowing at Carnarvon.
The Team 1 bus finally got to Mardathuna Road at 12:45pm.  Team 2 were camped under some small trees.  it was very warm at Mardathuna Road.  Team 2 were quite weary from the lack of sleep, the midnight to midday riding, and the heat.

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One response

24 08 2011
Melinda Wilson

Great work everyone, everyone at the Protect the Kimberley facebook page are following your progress, you are all true hero’s…..With you all in spirit, especially on those big uphills – Strength to you all xx

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