Day 1: Perth to Northampton

23 08 2011

Day 1:

Took off from Perth at 11:45am.  Hot day made riding pretty tough. Windy.  Indian Ocean Drive as expected was fairly tough. Windy with up to 30 knot with some drizzle, long uphill climbs made riding very testing. In parts averaging 15km/h uphill and only 35km/h downhill. But we averaged 20, so within expectation.  Got to Jurien at 11:15pm.

Met up with Team 2 at Apex Camp. Rain. Team 2 got on the road at 11:45 into the wind and rain.

Nice to have a cooked meal, beer, shower and bed.

Received a text from Christian jus after 6:30am saying that they were just out of Geraldton. Seriously ahead of schedule!

Got to Geraldton for a quick shop, interview and photos with the Geraldton Guardian. Bought a new bike seat to replace the very uncomfortable one that was causing us numbness.

Met Team 2 at Northampton at 12noon. They had been here since around 9am. Cloudy, gentle breeze, and no rain.

Replaced seat but not without trouble, due to a worn seat post bolt. Leigh bought a bolt from the hardware shop that did the job.

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One response

23 08 2011
peter R

that’s called improvisation! well done Leigh.

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