Canberra Wants Broome to Show Them the Numbers

13 07 2011

As a result of the visit to Canberra by noted Kimberley personalities, Federal politicians are now listening.  Last week’s delegation to Canberra led by Broome musician Alan Pigram has achieved a measure of success, at least in getting our Federal members of parliament to listen.  Mr Pigram was accompanied by prominent Kimberley academic Dr Anne Poelina and Kimberley film maker  Mitch Torres.

Dr. Poelina reported that the message was about families, and that they are “not saying no to the gas, but no to the gas at Walmadan”.  She explained that Walmadan (James Price Point) is a sacred place to Aboriginal groups.

Mitch Torres said that Canberra is listening as a result of the blockade, and that politicians want Broome to show them the numbers.

And showing the numbers is exactly what Broome is now preparing to do.  On Sunday 17 July, Broome families are putting on a major community beach event.  Stay tuned for details.

Read more of the story by the ABC’s Lana Read on her blog and download the MP3 audio file of Dr. Poelina, Mitch Torres and Alan Pigram speaking.

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