It’s Time to Work on Woodside’s JV Partners

29 06 2011

It has been over 3 weeks since the blockade at Manari Road.  Much of the attention has been on Woodside, the protesters, Kimberley Land Council and the WA State Government.

It is time now to start working on the other 4 of Woodside’s  joint venture partners.

Why?  Because unlike Woodside, the JV partners have been more restrained and sensitive to environmental, social and cultural issues that this gas hub project causes.

The JV partners are BP, BHP, Chevron and Shell.  They have been keeping a close eye on the developments of the blockade, and you could even say that unlike Woodside, they would rather not tarnish their reputations.

Copy the following and email or write to each of the JV chairmen.

“Dear Mr Chairman,

My name is <insert your name here>.  I am writing to you about my views on the Browse LNG gas plant planned for James Price Point in the Kimberley in Western Australia.

I live in <insert your town or city>.  I have <insert number of times OR never> visited the Kimberley.  Like many, many people I love the Kimberley because <insert your reason>.

I am very concerned about the social destruction that this gas hub will bring to the traditional owners of the land.  I am very concerned about the polution that this gas hub will create.  I am very concerned about the irreparable damage this will cause to the pristine marine environment, particularly the habitat of the largest population of humpback whales in the world.

As Chairman, you are well aware of the other alternatives, in particular processing the gas on a floating plant or piping to the Pilbara.

Please tell me, are you and your company willing to be seen as a partner in the destruction of this area that has been recommended for inclusion in the National Heritage Listing?  Also, please tell me what you would do if Woodside Energy decides to push ahead with this destruction, even though you object to it?

Yours sincerely,

<insert your name>”

With thanks to the No Gas Community Group, here are their address details:

Mr. Carl-Henric Svanberg
BP chairman
BP p.l.c.
International Headquarters
1 St James’s Square
London, SW1Y 4PD
Fax: +44 (0)20 7496 4630

Jorma Ollila
PO box 162,
2501 AN The Hague,
The Netherlands

John S. Watson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
6001 Bollinger Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

Jac Nasser
BHP Billiton Limited
BHP Billiton Centre
180 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Phone: (61) 1300 55 47 57
Fax: (61 3) 9609 3015

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One response

30 06 2011
Protect the Kimberley

Hello, I’m the administrator of the facebook page “Protect the Kimberley”!/pages/Protect-the-Kimberley/233770736642161

I have contacted each chairman with a variation of your above letter. I have also posted my variation of your letter as a note on our page asking for everyone to also bombard these chairman with emails, either using your standard letter or my variation of it.

If you require any other assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me on this facebook page.

Lets make them realise we are not giving in.


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